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NIQ is fast.

Designed with the most sophisticated search technologies, NIQ is made to be the fastest and most intuitive product possible.

But the future isn't about fast technology (by itself). For the CPA and tax professional, it's about:

  • Creating a valuable service for your clients
  • Becoming a thought leader
  • Getting more content for less money

NIQ can help.

NIQ helps you accomplish these goals by expanding its services beyond fast technology. How? NIQ combines it's powerful search and navigation capabilities with the vast world of CPA & tax publications, CPE/CLE, and podcasts to give you a more contextual understanding of the subject you’re looking into.

While you search for your specific need in NIQ's core library, NIQ expands the search to include important secondary sources to help you more fully understand the bigger picture.

And even when you've arrived at a preferred document, NIQ suggests related items that contain the core concepts of the document you're presently viewing.

NIQ's core element.

At it's core, NIQ is engineered to be your "information hub." Quickly connecting you with the right primary and secondary sources that enable you to build expertise and provide the right kind of value for your clients. With NIQ, you have access to all the knowledge you need to become a thought leader.

NIQ's Value.

NIQ gives you access to millions of documents and provides the powerful search and navigation features necessary to find the one you need. The best part is that NIQ is the most affordable product on the market. NIQ's advanced technology, expansive library and ever expanding network of publishers and associations allows it to outperform and undersell any competition, period. With NIQ, you know the content is always fresh, always from the experts, and always at a price you can appreciate.

NIQ - The future of Tax and Legal Research.

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