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Case Law Citator

Citing references and time-line


When you know what you want and want to read the full or surrounding sections. Each library book is put in its hierarchical order for quick access.

Statues & Administrative Codes

Current or at any point in time (archives); with marked additions and redaction of how new Acts will change existing law.

Forms in parallel view with instructions or publications.

Citation links

Case law and IRS cites hyperlinked throughout all documents.

Power Buttons

allows you to weight the search algorithm to Citation, Party, or Section to find just the right results.

Personalize your search default; search history; create notes w/in documents; create client folders. NIQ even tracks your time on each search.


A key topic analysis focusing on T.C. cases and tax issues with cited/linked references.Provided weekly.

See samples:   Brief- 1   Brief- 2

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