Nuetrino-like speed - High IQ intelligence

In 1905, Albert Einstein's theory of relativity established the speed of light as the ultimate speed limit in the universe. Since 1905 the speed of light has been the establishment in the the eyes of every physicist on the planet.

But that is changing.

It has been recently reported that a group of European physicists have clocked a burst of subatomic particles known as neutrinos breaking the speed of light. This disruption of the establishment could mean a change in the world as we know it.

NIQ is formed by combining the disruption of neutrino-like speed with a highly intelligent search process. Just as neutrinos are a disruption to the cosmic speed limit. NIQ takes the tax & legal research world by storm; boasting faster speeds and more intelligent searching than anyone else.

NIQ is changing the paradigm of how Tax and CPA professionals work, one search at a time.

  • Steve_newsom

    Steve Newsom


    Mr. Steve Newsom comes to NIQ Corp. as Founder and CEO with extensive experience as an Entrepreneur, CEO, General Manager, and operator of businesses. He recently managed Lawriter LLC - the largest US provider of legal services for state bar associations. Prior to his current position, Mr. Newsom was the Vice President of Business Development & Acquisitions for the public and multinational company Collexis Holdings and consultant to several Fortune 100 companies. His successes included starting and growing four companies from zero and reaching double digit (millions) in sales for each company with his greatest single success reaching $52 million in revenues. His journey included positions as the North American General Manager and a shareholder for Confalonieri North America – a global manufacturer. Mr. Newsom found, ran, and eventually sold Confalonieri N.A. to UK Conglomerate - Schweitzer-Mauduit International. Mr. Newsom previously found, ran, and sold his interest in US Coating Company, acting as Chairman and CEO. He has had executive leadership positions as VP of North America for Kuntz Holdings, North American GM for Perstorp Unidur, and General Sales Manager for Litton Industries, after a career in sales, marketing, and operational leadership assignments with the company. He currently serves as a board member or advisor to a number of privately held businesses and nonprofit organizations.

    Steve states that his greatest accomplishment is his marriage of over 35 years and his daughters, Erika and Taylor.

  • Curtis_hatter

    Curtis Hatter


    Curtis Hatter is Chief Information Officer and Head of Electronic Product Development at NIQ. In this role, Curtis’ focus is to increase speed-to-market for new products with the latest technology solutions, accelerating efforts to leverage the friendliest customer-focused developments, secure/redundant IT infrastructure, and to assure that solutions are keeping pace with the best practices and at the highest level of performance.

    Before joining NIQ, Curtis was CIO at Lawriter, LLC, the USA largest legal research provider to state bar associations, Director of Web Development at Anderson Publishing, His experiences include over 15 years in creating online products, web design, application development, database design, system maintenance, and server infrastructure. He has designed and created full stack implementations providing content teams with essential tools to programmatically process content into data, while assuring the highest degree of conversion quality and the fastest speed of information to market.

    Curtis gives dedication to task and perfection results in the unique combination of unimaginable speed of products to market and at the highest performing levels.

  • Jared_rypkema

    Jared Rypkema

    Director of Marketing

    Jared Rypkema is the Director of Marketing and Social Media for NIQ. Jared’s focus is to provide leadership in establishing a clear understanding of market needs and defining the response to those needs through product interface design, messaging, and strategic branding in both written and graphical communication.

    He is also responsible for defining and implementing NIQ’s social media strategy to create a helpful and responsive community of NIQ users.

    Before joining NIQ, Jared provided marketing leadership with Lawriter, LLC, the largest legal research provider to state bar associations in the U.S.A. He has designed, written and created graphical content for the web, news releases, web marketing promotions, brochures, and product GUI design.

    Beyond his years, Jared combines his writing craft and design talents with an in-tune marketing sense to provide a unique blend of graphical and written design in a way only a true artist may fully appreciate.

  • Chris_dunn

    Chris Dunn

    Director of Content Services

    Christopher (Chris) Dunn is Director of Content Services for NIQ. In this role, Chris’ focus is to assure unprecedented speed-to-market for new content with pristine accuracy in data gathering, conversion and form. How content is organized dramatically affects the information presentation and Chris’ leadership continues to accelerate efforts to improve the user experience by assisting in providing dependable information in a more agile customer interface.

    Before joining NIQ, Chris was Content Director of Publications for Lawriter, LLC, the USA largest legal research provider to state bar associations, and prior content administrator with Anderson Publishing, a leading legal content provider. He has worked for over 15 years in managing digital, legal-publishing, content, link recognition, and as a designer of interactive libraries with multi-faceted search capabilities. Throughout his years he has progressed technologies by developing and co-developing many of the data sort systems and adroitly has managed teams, nationally and internationally, in their use.

NIQ Board of Advisors

  • Chuck_statler

    Charles R. Statler, Jr., CPA

    Derrick Stubs & Stith LLP, Partner

    Charles R. Statler, Jr. (Chuck) is a general services partner at Derrick Stubbs & Stith LLP, practicing in most areas of the firm's offered services. He has a service emphasis in the areas of tax, insurance agencies, manufacturing and construction.

    Mr. Statler has been practicing public accounting since 1979. His professional responsibilities include the role of partner in the firm. Development of audit programs for engagements and supervision of accountants assigned to various audits. He provides assistance in business and tax planning, financial planning and other consulting services. He also serves on the firm's Practice Development and Marketing committee.

    Mr. Statler is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the South Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants and Columbia Taxation Study Group. He previously served as President of the Central Chapter - SC Association of CPA's.

  • Betsy Roof, CPA

    Derrick Stubs & Stith LLP

    Betsy Roof, CPA is a Senior Tax Specialist at Derrick Stubbs & Stith LLP. Betsy brings her extensive knowledge of having worked day to day with the industries array of tax research products and has been an invaluable in advising as to the intuitive nature of the NIQ product.

    She obtained her B.S. Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting (2001), as well as her Masters of Taxation (2002) from the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina.

    Mrs. Roof has been practicing public accounting since 2001 serving various individuals and businesses. Her experience includes, but is not limited to, partnership, corporate and high net worth individual income tax preparation and planning.

    Betsy is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the South Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants. She is also a member of the Junior League of Columbia, serves on the Golf Ball committee for the South Carolina Junior Golf Association.

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